The majority of the stories in this series are gen. 
Slash stories are marked. After the first three, the gen stories are standalone.
The slash stories are connected.
You can read the series in whatever mode you like.
The Universe is Open.

I. All That Is Good In Thy Sight
posted 4/23/2006 - all audiences, future fic (1,283 words)

II. And Tomorrow I Will Let Thee Go
posted 4/23/2006 - all audiences, future fic (1,164 words)

III. Would That It Were Morning
posted 4/23/2006 - all audiences (1,637 words)

IV. For Thou Desirest Not Sacrifice
posted 4/24/2006 - all audiences (3,216 words)

V. As The Dancers Shall Say
posted 4/25/2006 - all audiences (1,699 words)

VI. And If Ye Offer The Blind
posted 4/25/2006 - all audiences (1,493 words)

VII. Every One Shall Be Salted With Fire
posted 4/26/2006 - all audiences (slash) (5, 031 words)

VIII. Can A Demon Open Blind People's Eyes?
posted 4/26/2006  - all audiences (2,204 words)

IX. Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley
posted 5/12/2006 - all audiences (3,732)

X. Make Known to Me the Path of Life
posted 5/17/2006 - Adult (slash) (5,980 words)

XI. Ashamed Because of Their Sacrifices
posted 7/2/2006 - all audiences (slash) (4,843 words)

XII. Second Sight Christmas
posted 12/22/2006  (Gen and Slash versions of the same story)
 And All That Trust in Thee Shall Rejoice
Dean & Sam, PG13 (6,276 words)
 They That Love Thy Name Shall Exult In Thee
(slash) Dean/Sam, PG13 (7,844 words)

Many Windows
by b. stearns (eighth-horizon)
posted 1/3/2007, all audiences, (938 words)

XIII. For How Shall I Endure
posted 8/25/2007 - all audiences, (3,238 words)

XIV. And It Shall Come to Pass
posted 12/25/2007 - all audiences, (1,811 words)

XV. And There Shall Be None to Save
posted 5/26/2007 - all audiences, (4,267 words)